Monday, August 9, 2010

Baked scallops with Parmesan cheese

This was one of the dishes I served to the guests on Saturday evening.

Deardear picked the menu from what I have cooked before. And this is the first time ever in my 28 years spending the most time in the kitchen and cooking for 10 ? Test of my skills ! I was like cooking three dishes at the same time !

Made their all time favourite baked chix wings, bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms and made jelly heart cheese cake as desserts.

Jelly heart CCake for this time round tasted better and is more firm for the base as instead of fridging the biscuit base, Sharon told me to freeze it instead. But presentation wise, not so nice. But it's a big hit among the guys and am glad they love it !

Only this dish is new in the menu heee .. Quite simple only need shell scallops, butter and parmesan cheese

Baked them in the oven till cheese melts and turn slightly golden brown.

Had ordered pizza for them as well and they really made my day. All my dishes were clear but not the pizza hahaha ..

And Xav had his fun with the uncles

and fighting over toys with Joy ! Catch him squeeze in the snuggle bug with her !

Hope this little boy learns to share his toys and food soon !

At the same time, just want to say "Thank you" to the guys for their gifts.

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