Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baa Baa Black S.H.E.E.P

Recently, I borrowed this Book "Jump over the puddle" from NLB as Xav after choosing the book himself, telling me he wanted this book.

Through this book, he learns how to jump with both feet off the ground, as I narrate the story to him, he did the actions and learnt a new body part " bottom" which he knew that another one for it was "backside" hahaha ! When I reached the part, the sheep fell onto her bottom, he would turn his head to the side and smack on his own bottom and repeat "bottom".

There were 3 characters mainly Panda, Owl and Sheep.

He already knew what is a Panda and Sheep. I will soon introduce more on Owl to him.

Yesterday, I worked through a little craft with Xav. We made a Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Quite an easy craft using cotton balls, paper, glue and markers

Start with tracing his hand on a blank piece of paper and paint it black.

I allowed him to use the crayola washable markers to colour it. Subsequently, cut out the handprint and that shall be the sheep's legs.

Xav decorated the body with his colourful thumbprints using my ink pad.

I helper him to stick on the head and the body onto his handprint.

The most tricky part was I wanted Xav to overcome his fear of holding cotton balls. But failed... He refused to stick on to the body of the sheep and gave me the eeeks look ! But am glad he is willing to stamp on colors on the cotton balls for the sheep.

I asked him to pose for me and you see his reaction ? He refused to hold the part where there are cotton balls on it !

And this is a very reluctant shot !

This is part of the Letter S teaching. He recognises the word Sheep for now.

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