Monday, August 30, 2010

Piggy Chawanmushi

After trial and error for twice, finally by the third time, no more "holes" appearance for the steam egg.

And i found this at one of the Yong Tau Hu store at thebfresh market in bedok.

It tastes about the same as naruto maki.

Amy taught me to use the "Pigeon" Powder vegetable soup to make stock.

One teaspoon of the powder to 30ml of room temperature water.

One egg to be mixed with 90ml of stock, pour through a sieve and steam on low heat for 13 mins ( I tried for 15 mins as what Amy told me.) But the outcome was a rough texture steam egg.

I added in some cooked shrimps to replace the crabmeat, slice mushrooms and chicken cubes.

A very easy to prepare, light yet tasty dish.

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Pasta Fun !

Who says you can't play with food !

Jo got me a pack of animal shaped pasta ! Thanks ! It consists of 6 different animals and 1 farmhouse.

First activity: Colour sorting
I gave Xav three bowls for the three different colours with the name of the colour behind the bowl.

Second activity: Shape sorting according to the animals.

This is slightly harder than the first as Xav got to sort out the 7 different shapes.

I used the baking tray for the second activity. So that Xav can sort more easily.

This sorting activity surely kept him occupied !

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chocolate Lava Cake Practice Session

I would try to practise after each recipe is taught.

Last Saturday, Yanti and Caca came over and we tried baking the Chocolate Lava Cake and succeeded after the 2nd

This marked the opening of the Kitchen Aid which the mummies got for me ! A nice warm yellow that matches with the theme of our place.

First attempt with Yanti, we tried using Cadbury milk chocolate bar.

The batter

Out from the oven. We used 17 mins for this. Ended up it's slightly moist inside.

Top with a super duper big strawberry !

2nd attempt we used the dark baking chocolate and baked for 13 mins. It was a really successful attempt with the chocolate oozing out !

We were so thrilled about it and couldn't help but keep snapping pictures of it with our handphone !

Looking forward to bake it again for any gatherings at our place !

Recipe is from Noobcook.
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ginger Milk Pudding <<姜汁撞奶>>

We had this dessert in Hong Kong at least twice a day ! A dessert that really warms the body and soul !

And I finally found a recipe here to try it out. Pretty Simple to prepare and cook. Just have fresh milk, Ginger juice and sugar.

Quite tricky at first as I didn't really follow the instructions correctly. End up failed for the 1st attempt as the pudding couldn't set.

Followed by the 2nd attempt which was a success ! The pudding managed to set !

Dear dear said that it tasted not bad. And he took two bowls which could be quite filling. Xav didn't like it due to the ginger taste.

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Chocolate Lava Cake baking session

Two weeks back, Angie taught us another awesome dessert ! That's Chocolate Lava Cake !

I tried it once at Wild Rocket and since then was wanting to learn how to bake this !

That afternoon, I learnt valuable tips from Angie too with regards to the Jelly heart cheesecake.

Ended up, I went back home and made my 3rd attempt for the Jelly heart cheesecake.

And yes ! It was so much better ! Neater and more presentable too ! Such that I dare to serve some to my neighbours next door.

1. Must freeze the base for 30 mins.
2. Cream cheese to be allowed 3-4 hours to settle in the fridge
3. Jelly mixture must be cooled before pouring over the cream cheese so that the cream cheese will not melt.
4. Always pour the mixture onto the strawberries and not directly on the cream cheese.
5. Allow the jelly to settle overnigt before serving so that jelly will be more firm.

My next practice would be on Chocolate Lava Cake !

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

R.E.D, C.I.R.C.L.E, A.P.P.L.E

I created this long time back and finally got it out from the folder for Xav to do his craft !

I drew a tree on a piece of drawing paper, with the purpose of letting him learn the 3 Cs - Colour, Circle and Counting

First, I gave him crayons to add colours to the trees. Getting him to name me the colours of the crayons I passed to him.

Then, I showed him the word "Circle". He is able to recognise and read out to me. I cut out some red circles and got him to glue them onto the tree forming an "apple tree"

He is so much better now when he applied the glue onto the paper which he is supposed to stick on.

Xav patiently glued and sticked on all the red circles and last but not least, the counting.

I got him to count out the numbers of "apples" he can find on the tree.

If you don't have the time to cut out the circles. They have this round stickers at Daiso. It can be substituted but I would prefer him to glue it manually.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zoophonics Term 3 ~ Lesson 13 & 14

Lesson 13 covered 脚踏车 during the Chinese lesson and they did a simple craft on forming the wheels of the bicycle using strips of paper.

Continuing the topic on Cinderella, the kids were asked to make their own "Glass Shoe" decorating it with glitter dust and sequins.

And Xav tried to wear the shoe after he completed the craft !

See ! The prince found his glass slipper hahaha ...

Lesson 14 covers 巴士 (Bus) and they did a little activity by identifying the pictures of bus drivers and passengers and sticking them onto the board plus colouring a picture of a bus.

English lesson covers the life cycle of a Pumpkin plant.

They were introduced to seeds and got to taste the pumpkin seeds !

Trying to split open the seeds.

He loves it and asked for more !

And did a craft on the pumpkin seeds. Normally I will allow him to apply the glue himself instead of following the majority who actually did the work for the kids lol.. I still believe in letting him try to do it himself. I will only step in if he needs help to assemble the picture.

The craft is left in the school to dry hence no pic for that.

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Baa Baa Black S.H.E.E.P

Recently, I borrowed this Book "Jump over the puddle" from NLB as Xav after choosing the book himself, telling me he wanted this book.

Through this book, he learns how to jump with both feet off the ground, as I narrate the story to him, he did the actions and learnt a new body part " bottom" which he knew that another one for it was "backside" hahaha ! When I reached the part, the sheep fell onto her bottom, he would turn his head to the side and smack on his own bottom and repeat "bottom".

There were 3 characters mainly Panda, Owl and Sheep.

He already knew what is a Panda and Sheep. I will soon introduce more on Owl to him.

Yesterday, I worked through a little craft with Xav. We made a Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Quite an easy craft using cotton balls, paper, glue and markers

Start with tracing his hand on a blank piece of paper and paint it black.

I allowed him to use the crayola washable markers to colour it. Subsequently, cut out the handprint and that shall be the sheep's legs.

Xav decorated the body with his colourful thumbprints using my ink pad.

I helper him to stick on the head and the body onto his handprint.

The most tricky part was I wanted Xav to overcome his fear of holding cotton balls. But failed... He refused to stick on to the body of the sheep and gave me the eeeks look ! But am glad he is willing to stamp on colors on the cotton balls for the sheep.

I asked him to pose for me and you see his reaction ? He refused to hold the part where there are cotton balls on it !

And this is a very reluctant shot !

This is part of the Letter S teaching. He recognises the word Sheep for now.

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see ?

We have been on this book recently

and Xav has been reading pretty well for this book a he could recognise the words for all the colours as well as words for the majority animals.

Sometimes, he would playfully link other characters which are not within the story together. He can goes "Mummy, mummy what do you see ? And answers himself to me " I see daddy looking at me"

This book can also used to train their memory on the sequence of animals though I have yet to try out.

One morning, I decided to make some brown bear bread for him using wholemeal bread and cheese. And when he saw it, he started to recite the story to me !

Hopefully, I can start on a lapbook for him soon on this story.

Follow up can be done from here as both Brown and Bear starts with the Letter "B". Shall make some bear craft for him to have hands on !

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Celebration @ Lawry's Prime Ribs

Last thursday, dear dear treated me to a surprise birthday dinner @ Lawry's Prime Ribs.

I didn't "smell" anything that day even though it was quite unusual of him to insist on going out for dinner despite telling him that I don't feel like going out.

I didn't know that they had moved to Mandarin Shopping Gallery.

The appetizer was "Spinning Bowl Salad" and prawns.

Prepared right in front of our eyes and ate it with the chilled fork!

The lawry's cut was not too bad though I didn't like food with gravy. The beef was still tender despite it has turn cold.

The Lamb ribs were not too bad too !

A really fulfilling dinner ! Ate till I was so full that I felt only much better after having to walk from where we were to Plaza Singapura.

And the restaurant staff had helped us take a family pic and got it printed out nicely, framed in a holder for us.

And as usual, Xav sang the birthday song non stop and didn't bear to blew off the flame on the candle.

Thanks dear dear for the dinner !

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fun with Prints !

Animal Prints Doodle for today's Class !

He gave me a little surprise as he recognises his own name and took the correct name tag when I asked him to take and wear his own lanyard.

He participated well today in the music and movement as he really sing out loud along with the song !

He made much progress in terms of drawing lines and he drew really long strokes for this class.

But comes to gallery time, I guess he was a bit tired that he refused to answer the questions nor talk.

Overall, I think he did improved after attending for 9 lessons. Great job !

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Moose Track Doodle

This was done 2 weeks ago and I couldn't bring it back as the paint was still wet then.

It's like a continuation of the moose, the kids are taught to make moose prints ! And not sure of the reason, he gets abit emo near to the end of the lesson which I realised. Getting him to present is really tough occasionally.

And likes the goodbye song best ! For he likes "jumping "

And his most recent achievement @ 28 months, is jumping up, lifting both his feet slightly off the floor !

Initially he doesn't know how to jump with feet off the floor. I motivated him by reading him a story book "Jump over the Puddle", loaned from NLB. Quite
a simple and nice book.

From here, he learnt who is Panda, Owl and Sheep !

And best part was he learnt his jumping through here !

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


One morning, I asked Xav if he wanted bread for breakfast. His reply was " I want Mickey" reason being he discovered the Mickey mouse Cookie Cutter the day before !

Well, hardly he requested what he wanted ! So I made this for him

He gave a "wow......", took Mickey and slowly gobbled him up

and asked me cheekily "where is Mickey ?! " and gave me a giggle !

Cheeky isn't he !

And this brekkie is good ! Learning letters at the same time as he read out each individual letters he came across.

So it's a learn as you eat !

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