Friday, July 16, 2010

Zoophonics ~ Term 3 Lesson 3, 4 & 5

Term 3 Lesson 3, we were late for the class but we still managed to complete the craft of making a steering wheel with a paper plate.

During the mandarin class, the teacher introduced "Driver" to the children and taught them what a driver does.

Continuation with Humpty Dumpty during the English class, with the making of a simple mobile !

They were also given a hard boiled egg to show them what happened if the egg is crack. And Xav didn't break the egg like the others did, infact, he held on tightly to it. Even when I asked him if he wanted to eat it, he replied with a "don't want eat egg".

Lesson 4 taught them a new occupation and that's Police Officer. I have learnt some terms in mandarin which I doesn't know.

I did the English translation for Xav though:

Walkie talkie: 对讲机
Uniform: 警服
Peak cap: 警帽
Revolver: 手枪
Police car (Fast Response Car): 警车
Whistle: 口哨

Probably I can teach him more on this profession when time comes !

During the English lesson, they were read to a story "Hansel and Gretal" and afterwich, they did a craft on the candy house. This reminded me of being read to this story when i was in kindergarten !

Think this craft can be further improvised, apart from only
just colouring and pasting the pieces of paper. Let me crack my brains soon !

And they have to go around the classroom looking for Popsicles, lollipops and sweets ! And best part was all the kids surrounded the teacher when she brought out a pack of biscuits with those coloured candy on top of it ! Here's Xav holding onto one of it !

Lesson 5 covered Postman. And they did a craft on the bag which the postman uses to contain the letters.

From home teaching, Xav knew and could identity post boxes now and occasionally, he will help me to send out letters and parcel. Think I taught him the wrong term. I taught him letter box instead of post box ! What a mistake !

Back to the class, he loves the bag he made so much!

During the English class, they did an activity of dropping "pebbles" on the pathway that led to the "Candy House" and they were rewarded with a candy.

Then, they did their very own lollipop ! Xav's busy adding colours to his plain white lollipop,

Silly boy trying to dry the paint on his lollipop by blowing it himself !

Ta-dah !!

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