Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Zoophonics ~ Term 3 Lesson 2

Today, the kids were introduced to the medical instruments during the mandarin class. They were shown pictures of 医生,护士 etc.

Cut out of some instruments like the needle, plaster, thermometer, and tongue depressors.

They did a craft on a first aid tool box and they have to stick the instruments into the box.

Here's Xav having fun with the glue.

Carefully applying the glue on it.

Snack time again !

Today, they had a new teacher by the name of LJ conducting the class.

Probably she is new, I found her actually not able to engage the kids totally. One or two of the kids were being left out without her realizing it ?

She did nursery rhymes today on "humpty dumpty".

The kids were read a story on that and afterwich had some egg activities.

They were shown how the egg would be if it's broken and cracked as well as how the egg yolk and white looked like.

Followed by "catch the eggs" ! The kids supposed to hold a table cloth together and to contain and the eggs without letting them fall out!

As usual, Xav is more interested in holding the colourful eggs !

A Humpty Dumpty craft

As well as going around the classrooms to find two halves of the same colour to form a complete egg. Ended the session with a bubble session.

After the lesson, brought Xav to his greatest nightmare! Haircut !

Really protective of his hair like me.. Hahaha he actually placed his two hands on his head to prevent the stylist from cutting !

Still prefer Junior League though. Supercut although have all the cute little cars and Barney shows to distract the kids but realised that the style sucks a big time !

Have to get Xav to sit through a second time to touch up !

But he has been behaving well from the haircut today. It was only at the last few mins that he can't take it anymore !
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