Saturday, July 3, 2010

Zoophonics ~ Term 3 Lesson 1

A new term for Zoophonics and a change in the teacher teaching English. Teacher Janet now teaches the kindergarten level.

Felt that she is better with kids but the new teacher, although looks more fierce, but she is loud enough to suppress the noises made by the children ! Could be good at least she managed to draw back their attention. She went through the Zoo friends twice instead of once which I thought that it could be better too.

During the Chinese class, the teacher did a revision on the different types of animals that they have learnt before.

Played some matching games on matching the youngs animals to their mothers. And they were brought through the life cycle of a chicken.

During the English class, the teacher read them on a book "Penguin Small" by Mick Inkpen and also went through the different types of animals staying in the artic with the kids.

Then, they did a craft on brushing on white paint to form ice burg

as well as sticking on the cotton wools to form snow.

I helped him to tie the string so that the penguin can glide from left to right.

And it's completed !

The kids had a surprise ! The teacher had a mini bubble session with them ! And Xav was excitedly running and chasing after the bubbles and bursting 'em !
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