Monday, July 12, 2010

Tiramisu for 3rd Annivesary

Did a Tiramisu for our 3rd anniversary.

This time round, I added Kahlua and it somehow neutralizes the sweetness of the cake. It tastes not as sweet as the first time. But I like this taste more ! Probably I don't like cakes too sweet.

As for the vanilla essence, I replaced with vanilla pods as suggested by Jo.

How the mixture looked like after the pods were mixed in.

Didn't know where has gone wrong. Somehow my fillings seem to be reduced. Was wondering if it's because I scooped out some into a different cup that doesn't contain kahlua, for Xav. But that amount was not too much either.

And I overwhipped the whipping cream, till the texture became buttery and watery. Ended up I whipped a second batch.

Then, no strawberrries too... *faint* cos I couldn't find any nice ones at the NTUC. Ended up, I topped it with Ferrero dark chocolate balls as deco.

The insufficient fillings made the presentation didn't look as great as the first time. Let me find another time to practise again to make a perfect one.

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