Monday, July 26, 2010

The start of Kumon Worksheets

I spent the whole of today tearing up the whole book of this Kumon worksheets, laminated them one by one ! Purpose is so that the worksheets can be reuse and reuse until the pouch wears out ?! Of course I bought the Crayola washable markers for Xav to practise with.

I started off with My First Book of Tracing as an introduction to using pencils and they are a great practice guide I must say! I wouldn't expect Xav to hold a pencil well now. But am glad that he understood what I meant when I asked him to draw from one point to another.

More of this practice leads to the ability to write numbers and letters as the child will start with drawing straight lines then more challenging lines like curves and zigzags followed by diagonal lines. The width of the lines become narrower, length becomes longer, little by little.

But am having a concern that is how can I teach Xav to hold the pencil and chopsticks in the correct way when I am holding in the wrong way myself. I tried holding it in the correct way but my handwriting seriously sucks as compared to my own way of holding although the book does have a page illustrating the right way.

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