Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ngor Hiang & Laksa cooking date !

Just last sat, Jas held a cooking playdate for the mummies ! Thank you Jas & Ethan for hosting and thank you the mummies team for the hard work in cooking up the mouth watering laksa and the simply delicious ngor hiang !

We started of with the preparation and cooking for the Hay Bee Hiam and laksa ingrdients. The team of us plucked bean sprouts, pounded the dried shrimps, slicing the chillies...

Here'a the really nice Hay Bee Hiam

The end product of the laksa ! Add some shrimps, sliced hard boil eggs, bean sprout and fish cakes before serving.

Then the ngor hiang's turn !

Using purely estimation, we mixed minced meat, prawn paste ( pound from prawn meat), spring onions minced, parsley, water chestnut (minced), not sure if any seasoning is used though. Supposed to add sesame oil but as we don't have it, we omitted.

Our beautifully wrapped ngor hiang are ready to go into the hot wok !

Using the remaining as fried meatballs.

Started off with deep frying a roll to see if it's cooked first.

While the mummies cooked, the kids played and had their meals !

Ended the cooking party with Angie's mouth watering "Jelly heart cheesecake " !

They tasted as good as the ones which you can buy from the shops !

Looking forward to the next cooking feast !
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