Monday, July 26, 2010

If you give a moose a muffin

What a mistake for that morning. Made a blunder on the timing! Guess there was a miscommunication and end up we didn't have any class in the morning but we went for the 4.30 pm class instead with Dana.

Spent the whole afternoon shopping with Sherin and Summer at Vivo vicinity.

Damage done was on the glass table top from Joseph and Joseph. Managed to get the last piece at 40%.

We got the kids each a pair of boots from Colette. Xav's trying to put on the boots himself here.

And playing the smashing game outside Hwa Sia before we head of on our own.

Xav had Dana's company during the 4.30 pm class.

During the class, they were read to a story "If you give a moose a muffin" and were taught to design a sweater for the moose.

This is Xav's work for that lesson.

Daddy said that the moose looked more like a pig instead.. Probably it's the colour Xav has chosen hahaha...

That very day (before I started him with Kumon worksheets), he suddenly drew four lines in the circle, counting each line as he drew. I was surprised because I have requested him to draw lines for me umpteem times ! But he simply just refused ! So was it that he associates the school with drawing of lines and playing with paints ? Anyway, great job again Xav !

Following the next day, the vainpot insisted on wearing his pair of new boots to Yaonian's house warming and he was sure proud of it and even pose to allow me to take pics of him!

Peek-a-boo pose !

And guess what he said after this expression ? Hahaha he told me "so ugly"

And there he is warming their Beannie cushion !

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