Friday, July 30, 2010

Doggies, kitties , mousies

On a rainy afternoon, what can we do but bake a tray of Horlicks Doggie Cookies !

It's supposed to be just doggies but as we go along, we started to think of adding whiskers, changing the position of the ears, adding a cute little mouth or hair ... And ended up with a tray of different animals with different expression !

Tried baking at 140 degree at 25 mins followed by additional 10 mins but still the cookies remain no change.

Jo said minimum must be at least 170 deg be it for cakes or cookies.

This is just for my own reference. Beat the butter until creamy.

Caca made these n Jo helped to salvage the dough lol...

I made some with whiskers

Pretty tedious when decorating the cookies with chocolate rice. Probably I m still new to handling dough and these tiny little ingredients.

Well, this is my first bake !! Yippeee !!

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