Wednesday, July 14, 2010

三 "皇"蛋

A last minute dish for this evening. Cannot think of what to cook, suddenly thought of cooking this 三"皇"蛋.

I tried this at crystal jade before. It's a dish made up of chicken egg, preserved egg and salted egg.

I used 3 chicken eggs, 1 salted egg and 1 preserved egg.

Water to add into the chicken egg is 2: 1. If you use one egg, using the eggshell, add in two eggshell of water. Add some pepper and whisk.

Mashed the salted egg and cube the preserved egg. Add all into the mixture and add pepper.

Steam till cook and add some soy sauce and sesame oil before serving. It's enough for about 2-3 person as dear dear and I ate it all up.

Another dinner which I cooked probably around last week? I lost track of it, as there were still some posts lagging behind. It's soy baked chicken leg.

Recipe is the same as soy baked chix wings. I just added some grill mini sausages and baked beans to it. And this settled for an evening's dinner.

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