Saturday, July 31, 2010

My first Singapore Flag

This is Xav's first Singapore Flag !

Xav's latest craze was singing the National Day Songs !

Now he roughly knows:
1. One People One Nation One Singapore
2. We are Singapore
3. Stand up for Singapore

As he was able to identify and tell me "Singapore Flag" whenever he sees one. I guess I can start him on making his own flag!

I found an outline of a Singapore flag and cut out the stars and the crescent.

I allowed him to do sponge painting for the red side on a blank piece of drawing paper.

And he was singing "We are Singapore" as he did this craft.

Keep it going !

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Doggies, kitties , mousies

On a rainy afternoon, what can we do but bake a tray of Horlicks Doggie Cookies !

It's supposed to be just doggies but as we go along, we started to think of adding whiskers, changing the position of the ears, adding a cute little mouth or hair ... And ended up with a tray of different animals with different expression !

Tried baking at 140 degree at 25 mins followed by additional 10 mins but still the cookies remain no change.

Jo said minimum must be at least 170 deg be it for cakes or cookies.

This is just for my own reference. Beat the butter until creamy.

Caca made these n Jo helped to salvage the dough lol...

I made some with whiskers

Pretty tedious when decorating the cookies with chocolate rice. Probably I m still new to handling dough and these tiny little ingredients.

Well, this is my first bake !! Yippeee !!

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

French beans with Bacon bits

I remember that dear dear doesn't like to eat vegetables with no leaves. So french bean is normally out for him !

But I cooked this for dinner and I he did ate hahaha..

I deep fry the French beans and set aside.

Next, I fried some minced garlic, till they are fragrant, I added in the minced bacon.

Stir fry till brown, add some crushed soy bean paste (original recipe was with fermented beancurd (can use spicy ones too) and added some sugar.

Stir in the french beans and serve.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ngor Hiang

I put what I have learnt into practice !

Made some ngor hiang for the Seah sistas !!

Same ingredients used just that this time round, I added five spice powder, replaces the salt with knorr chicken seasoning powder and added sesame oil in it.

Anyway, just realise that the ngor hiang tends to be more saltish if placed in the fridge overnight. Just last night, I made for dear dear. But he commented it's very saltish. I tasted and indeed so probably the overnight storage caused it ?

Tried the portobellos again. And uses shredded mozorella cheese this time round and yes ! It tastes so much better with the chewy cheese !

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Monday, July 26, 2010

If you give a moose a muffin

What a mistake for that morning. Made a blunder on the timing! Guess there was a miscommunication and end up we didn't have any class in the morning but we went for the 4.30 pm class instead with Dana.

Spent the whole afternoon shopping with Sherin and Summer at Vivo vicinity.

Damage done was on the glass table top from Joseph and Joseph. Managed to get the last piece at 40%.

We got the kids each a pair of boots from Colette. Xav's trying to put on the boots himself here.

And playing the smashing game outside Hwa Sia before we head of on our own.

Xav had Dana's company during the 4.30 pm class.

During the class, they were read to a story "If you give a moose a muffin" and were taught to design a sweater for the moose.

This is Xav's work for that lesson.

Daddy said that the moose looked more like a pig instead.. Probably it's the colour Xav has chosen hahaha...

That very day (before I started him with Kumon worksheets), he suddenly drew four lines in the circle, counting each line as he drew. I was surprised because I have requested him to draw lines for me umpteem times ! But he simply just refused ! So was it that he associates the school with drawing of lines and playing with paints ? Anyway, great job again Xav !

Following the next day, the vainpot insisted on wearing his pair of new boots to Yaonian's house warming and he was sure proud of it and even pose to allow me to take pics of him!

Peek-a-boo pose !

And guess what he said after this expression ? Hahaha he told me "so ugly"

And there he is warming their Beannie cushion !

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The start of Kumon Worksheets

I spent the whole of today tearing up the whole book of this Kumon worksheets, laminated them one by one ! Purpose is so that the worksheets can be reuse and reuse until the pouch wears out ?! Of course I bought the Crayola washable markers for Xav to practise with.

I started off with My First Book of Tracing as an introduction to using pencils and they are a great practice guide I must say! I wouldn't expect Xav to hold a pencil well now. But am glad that he understood what I meant when I asked him to draw from one point to another.

More of this practice leads to the ability to write numbers and letters as the child will start with drawing straight lines then more challenging lines like curves and zigzags followed by diagonal lines. The width of the lines become narrower, length becomes longer, little by little.

But am having a concern that is how can I teach Xav to hold the pencil and chopsticks in the correct way when I am holding in the wrong way myself. I tried holding it in the correct way but my handwriting seriously sucks as compared to my own way of holding although the book does have a page illustrating the right way.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Xav @ 28 months

Xav is officially 28 months old as of today !

Been a long long time that I update on his milestones.
He has got more self awareness and is trying to gain "power" by wanting full control of what he is doing.

Pushing the pram or shopping cart is one fine example. He wanted to push but but but ... Only he can lay his hands on the pram or cart, no others ! We can't even hold onto the side nor the handle of the pram !

He just wants to do it himself ! (At a risk of knocking into people) I will prompt him to check whenever there is people infront. He will just stick out his head left and right to "look out" for people.

His mischief when shopping was he tends to put items into the basket when you are not noticing ! Hence, if I should spot any suspicious item in my shopping basket, you'll know who did it ! Hahaha ...

Learning wise, I have yet to really start teaching him ever since er moved into the new house as my time are taken up by the chores. Hope I can managed my time better.
Numerics wise, he can count from 1- 40 now and he can count down from 15 and sometimes from 30 on good days !

He recognises the numerals from 1- 30. And could recite 1 - 10 in mandarin.

For words, am not very sure though. I didn't teach him before but one afternoon, i was typing some words associating with animals to see if he can recognise and read them.

Then, I jumped into numerals and typed randomly in words between 1- 12. I was taken by surprise that he recognised and read them out to me as I didn't teach him or showed him words related to the numbers. I confirmed this is self learnt when he flipped through the books on his own.

As for words, I took out the sets of flashcards from YBCR and flash through with him. These are the words he can recognise and can read them out to me.

As much as possible, I try to play matching game with him to make it more interesting. In a way, he gets to feel and see what the real objects are.

He expresses himself much better nowadays with his favourite verses like;
1. I don't like
2. I don't want
3. Not nice
4. I want eat bread / drink / play phone/ go out
5. I want go train station (asking me to bring him out)

Short qns which he can answer:

1. What is your name ?
Xav: my name's Xavier

2. How old are you ?
Xav: I am two year year year old ( despite telling him that there shouldn't be so many "year".

3. Where do you stay ?
Xav: I stay Fernvale

4. What is daddy/ mummy/ yiyi/ uncle and mei mei's name ?
Xav: Daddy's name is Don, mummy's name is Serene, yiyi's name is Jo, Uncle's name is Weiguang, meimei's name is Edna and he goes on ... Sometimes repeating all over again.

6. What do you like?
Xav: I like trains, cars... Sometimes strawberries

7. Do you go to school ?
Xav: yes, I go school..

8. During shower, he knows the difference between shower rain and shower head. He will goes " I want shower rain, I don't want shower head" !!

9. He comes up with his new lyrics. He was singing "old macdonald has a farm, EIEIO amd on his farm he has mummy, EIEIO. And a mummy mummy here and a mummy mummy there, here mummy, there mummy, everywhere mummy mummy, old macdonald had mummy, EIEIO" !

Mandarin wise, he improved a little as occasionally I will play "wink to learn" series for him. Got him a set during the motherhood fair.

Got this set @ only $149! 6 flashcard DVDs, 3 audio CDs, 2 memory magic vcds, 3 karaoke sing along vcds !

His speech is getting better ! Normally, he prefers me rather than the daddy. He will say "I don't want daddy, I want mummy feed" etc

Feeding wise, he hold the spoon pretty well at times and could self feed with minimum spillage !

Sometime I will just give him the bread and ask him to eat it himself.

Been trying to toilet trained him but he doesn't allow.. He knows verbally as in "urine" and "poo poo" but he just don't want to tell me. He only did it once remarkably ! I placed the potty in one of the square tiles in the living room and told him that should he wants to urine, just stand in the square and aim into the potty. Suddenly, I heard him whimpering from the kitchen "mummy wipe". I was thinking wipe what ? Then, I saw the potty filled slightly with his urine and he had misaimed and wet the floor ! Great job Xav for trying.

This was the the only once ! The only factor which could motivate him in telling me that he pooed was flushing of the toilet bowl. He just loves it hahahah..

Xav too plays his role as my kitchen assistant. I will engage him in my dishes when time permits. He will help me in the mixing and marination of meat etc.

And this polite little lad will automatically say "sorry" when he knocked into people or when he wants people to make way for him. If I had caught him on few occasions when people said "I'm sorry" he replied with "it's ok" ! I'm really proud of you, Xav!

The only accessory which he knew how to wear by himself was the pair of crocs. But he did attempted to try on the pair of boots at Colette and he did it !

And he could be really affectionate at times. Loves giving us his ever so lovable hugs and loving kisses. Now apart from planting a kiss on out cheeks, he will say "kiss eye" and came forward, giving us a kiss on our eyes !

Wonder if he would continue to shower us with his kisses as he grows...
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ngor Hiang & Laksa cooking date !

Just last sat, Jas held a cooking playdate for the mummies ! Thank you Jas & Ethan for hosting and thank you the mummies team for the hard work in cooking up the mouth watering laksa and the simply delicious ngor hiang !

We started of with the preparation and cooking for the Hay Bee Hiam and laksa ingrdients. The team of us plucked bean sprouts, pounded the dried shrimps, slicing the chillies...

Here'a the really nice Hay Bee Hiam

The end product of the laksa ! Add some shrimps, sliced hard boil eggs, bean sprout and fish cakes before serving.

Then the ngor hiang's turn !

Using purely estimation, we mixed minced meat, prawn paste ( pound from prawn meat), spring onions minced, parsley, water chestnut (minced), not sure if any seasoning is used though. Supposed to add sesame oil but as we don't have it, we omitted.

Our beautifully wrapped ngor hiang are ready to go into the hot wok !

Using the remaining as fried meatballs.

Started off with deep frying a roll to see if it's cooked first.

While the mummies cooked, the kids played and had their meals !

Ended the cooking party with Angie's mouth watering "Jelly heart cheesecake " !

They tasted as good as the ones which you can buy from the shops !

Looking forward to the next cooking feast !
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Enoki wrapped with Bacon

Another simple and tasty dish with no seasoning required

Simply just wrapped the enoki with bacon strips, secure with a toothpick and into the oven they go. Pan fried also possible, but am lazy to clean the stove ! Lol..

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Claypot chicken rice

Finally ! I got myself to try cooking this ! Really ate to our hearts content ! Why because there were alot of ingredients as compared to those we bought outside.

Filled it with chicken, mushroom and Chinese sausage. Probably next time shall try adding in salted fish ! I got the recipe from My cooking hut

Sprinkle a little spring onions before serving !

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