Thursday, June 3, 2010

Zoophonics - Lesson 7 & 8

Due to all the hunting and moving house issues we missed lesson 6 and best we didnt even have time to attend the make up class !

Lesson 7 taught the kids about red and green during the Mandarin class. They were asked to look for the correct colour for the mother parrot and placed the baby parrots accordingly.

And for me, I learnt the song "two little dicky birds" in mandarin version ! Sounds a bit funny though as they named the birds "叮叮 & 咚咚" .

Then, they did a painting craft of a parrot and sticking the feathers on it.

Xav's parrot !

Story for that day was "Commotion in the ocean" and after that they did a craft on hermit crab !!

And Teacher Janet taught them "float" and "sink" by showing them in a see through tank, which items can float or sink.

The last lesson before the term ended !

Lesson 8 is a recap on the animals which they were taught for that term. They were engaged in a sorting activity during the Chinese class, matching the animals accordingly to their homes.

Followed by matching the animals against the food which they ate.

And they did a rainbow fish craft during the English session. Before that, they were told a story "The rainbow fish" by Marcus Pfister.

For the craft, they need to colour and paste the big fish onto the background before sticking on the colourful scales for the fish !

And after this class, Xav showed more interests in the rainbow fish storybook at home !

They also did a puzzle on matching the body parts of a fish.

Dancing to the song "The wheels on the bus" with the paper steering wheel !

Teacher Janet ended the class with bubble play.

This marked the end of may and the beginning of the june holidays !

And Xav gets to start his abrakadoodle class tomorrow !

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