Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Our very hungry caterpillar !

Can you spot 'em !! This is our recent pets or rather mum's recent pets ! Caterpillars ! The one at the bottom (Cat A) was brought back first but the one on top (Cat B) built himself a cocoon much sooner than the one below Cat A.

Close up of Cat A

Close up of Cat B !

And I had witnessed how Cat A was hungrily, nibbling through the green leaves !

We forgot to take note of how long did Cat B stayed in the cocoon. It was definately less than 2 weeks when it became a beautiful butterfly !

This is the empty cocoon shell of Cat B while Cat A is still hibernating ! See if you can spot Cat A ?!

And I spotted two tiny weeny caterpillars on the leaves of the plant near to the kitchen !

A new cycle begins !

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