Monday, June 28, 2010

Navy Open House 2010

Another post which has been lagging behind for a long long time !

First time been to the Navy Open House ! And I think I was even more excited than Xavier. Thanks to Weiguang and Jo for bringing us in without having to squeeze with others on the shuttle bus =)

We reached there as early as 7.30am ! The kiddos had their instant brekkie and off we went to explore the naval base !

We went all the way right in and Xav spotted the Bungee Jump and wanted to go for a try ! We distracted him and went to have their photos taken in the smart uniform ! As we didn't want to squeeze with the crowd later on !

Started with getting a tattoo !

Naval Officer in the making ! Xav's getting ready for his arm drill !

Edna's looking for her rifle while Xav' busy loading his rifle !

Is the rifle loaded ?

Getting all dressed up for the photo shoot. Xav tried to help Edna put on her peak cap.

Aren't the lil' ones looking cute and smart !

Meet Captain Xavier !

Think Xav's a bit nervous ?

Make a check again ...

After the photo shoot, both Xav and Edna had the jumping castle all to themselves !

Am certain Xav was sure enjoying himself !

Finally, we went to fulfill Xav's desire to try on the bungee jump !

All set to JUMP !!

and Xav was enjoying so much that he was reluctant to go ! The officers there were pretty helpful in entertaining him by "bouncing" Xavier on the springy net !

After Xav's try, we saw a change in the rules for the Bungee Jump ! It stated "Not for children under 1.2 m !! We were like laughing away ! Xav could have spoil the market ! hahaha

Row Row Row your boat was next for Xav ! and Yes ! Jo told me he "jumped" boat while I was away ! Note the colour difference ?! He definately sure freaked out the officers on duty !

And this boy made me go up the LST with him !

I didn't know then LST was the biggest ship and what dreaded me was I have to carry Xav down countless steep flights !! What a "good" workout for my arms though.

Took a break after coming down from LST.

After LST tour, we went for lunch. Was not able to take the duck ride as the queue was super duper long !

We saw the performance by the SAF Band while on the way.

We couldnt find seats then, but stood by the railings, hoping to catch a glimpse of the show !

Saw part of the Rescue Ops Performance; the heli with divers onboard

Saw other exhibits like the Submarine

The Dinghy
Met Stanley & wifey there ! Good heh ! Can work and spent time with family as well !

We called it a day after that to go back for nap ! Hope to visit the next open house again !

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