Friday, June 25, 2010

Marina Baraage

Can't imgaine how long I have been sitting on this post !!!!! For a month ?? All the moving house and unpacking of the stuff, left me with minimal time to blog all these... Can I have more time please ... hahaha.. Furthermore with the add-on of doing the house chores.. I felt that I have even neglected Xavier ! But well, I'm much happier infact !

Have always been wanting to visit this place for photo taking ! Finally got a chance to visit it on a fine sunny morning !

The place had an awesome view of the new IR as well as the Singapore Flyer !

With plenty of free space to run !

And deardear's trying to hold up the IR with just his head?!

I think Xav really gotta sweat it out !

We were like happily snapping away !! While Xav ran around !

We spotted an aeroplane flew by !!

Xav was happily chasing after me down slope !!

And spotted his favourite fountain !!!

And he went right in !

While he was happily playing, we took a shot of "Just me & you" heeeee

A pretty nice place to let go if it's not crowded ... Was thinking that the night scenary would be even more awesome !

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