Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hollywood Boulevard

Had a visit to Resort World Sentosa last thursday during the evening with mum and the Hans.

We thought it would be good if we would just take a dinner and had a walk along Hollywood Boulevard since we are lugging two kids with us and also partly, we are not very keen in the rides. So paying $2 per person for just taking a walk inside and taking pics sounds pretty reasonable. For kids under age of 4 will be free. (Some pics are taken from Jo )

We went around for picture taking while waiting for time to pass as we could only enter the gate at 7 pm.

Lost in the mist ... ...

Xav's enjoying some bites of the ice-cream !

We visited the Hershey's Shop. Plenty of products on Hersheys !

Xav giving a a head butt to the Hershey's toy !

The two mummies monkeying around

The world greatest chocolate bar and Xav's for real !! And por por joined in !!

Afterwich, we had dinner at Hoe Garden. Ratings will be pretty low if I were to rate. Pricey yet not tasty. Three main meals with drinks and a side dish cost about $120 ?? and best part was Xav almost threw up eating the overcooked snapper ! The boy had his share of singing "Happy Birthday" song when he saw the cups with the bulbs in it. He imagined it to be a candle and started to sing.

Some other misc pics we took along the way.

Meet the Ali Baba members. Ali mama No. 1

Ali papa No. 1

Follow by Ali mama No. 2 .
The two Ali baby prince and princess
& the Ali Por Por

and I like this ! Looks mysterious yet sophiscated? hahaha ...

and we called it a day after we visited the last shop .. Good night ..

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