Friday, June 18, 2010

Fried Rice Cake

My first attempt of my very own fried rice cake.

My initial intention is to have fried rice for dinner.

Guess there is too much water for a cup of rice. Ended up, the rice is kinda sticky. No matter how I fried, it just gets lumpier !!

Looking at the texture, I guess I can make rice cake out of it. And dear dear rated 8/10 for this.

Xav loved it too !

But I omitted the sausages out for him when I fed him.

I used some crabmeat sticks, fried omelette with spring onions, sliced mushrooms, a little garlic, diced tomatoes and some "Lap Chiong" - Chinese sausages

Here's my kitchen assistant.

Having fun beating the eggs for me.

This dish does not required any seasoning, apart from a little bit of soy sauce and pepper for the egg, it's pretty tasty !

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