Monday, June 14, 2010

C T Yeo Respiratory & Medical Clinic

Two weeks ago, Xav got yellowish mucous out of the blue and as usual this will be accompanied with a phlegmy cough. As a result, he wheezed again.

This time round, no more PDs. We brought him straight to a respiratory specialist as recommended by a friend.

C T Yeo Respiratory & Medical Clinic
Gleneagles Medical Centre #09-18 S(258499) Tel: 64730918

His advice was we have to accept the fact that Xav's airways belongs to the super sensitive type. Normally PDs only relieve the symptoms or rather take control of the wheezing for that episode only by giving short term Singulair or with the help of nebaliser.

However, such short term treatment does not help to reduce the sensitivity of the airways in the long run, which in return, makes it more difficult for kids with such condition to outgrow this during their childhood and continued to stick with them as they reach adulthood.

He told me that reducing the sensitivity of the airways, would be a long term treatment. He prescribed antibiotics "Azithromycin", Seretide Evohaler, Arieus for the nose allergy, Kaloba Herbal mixture as well as Singulair for 2 weeks.

The Evohaler has to be used with the Aero Chamber which costs a dear $51 for one ! This is to help children who doesn't know how to use an inhaler.

Total damage for that visit was $344. But so long as it works well for Xav, we wouldn't be bothered by this amount.

And thank god, Xav recovered in less than 2 weeks before he went back for his review.

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