Friday, June 25, 2010

Animal Resort in Sengkang

Thanks to Angie for telling me that there is an Animal Resort

and best of all it's like a 5 - 10 mins drive away from our new place !! We were greeted by this brown horse when we first arrived !
lol... we spotted aeroplane again !!
We made our way in and spotted some parrots and birds.

For a moment, Xav paused when he heard the parrot said "Hello"
And both deardear and Xav were so thrilled feeding the rabbits & Guinea pigs !
Daddy demostrating how to feed before letting Xav try on his own.

And it's Xavier's turn !
and he got a chance to feed himself .
Other bird species spotted on the farm !

Shall pop by one of these days to visit the farm again !!!

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