Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Zoophonics ~ Lesson 5

Today's Chinese class covered them on Frogs. The teacher explained to them the life cycle of a frog.

卵 (eggs) >> 蝌蚪(tadpole) >> 青蛙 (frog). I almost forgot what is tadpole in mandarin and also learnt the correct term for the eggs as well. Thanks to the mandarin class !

The kids were asked to arrange the eggs, tadpoles and frog as accordance to the lifecycle an afterwich they were asked to do matching.

Followed by painting a big green frog !

Sometimes when Xav spotted a picture of a frog, he will goes "grreeebit" ...

And after completing his task, Xavier boy went to return the smock.

The over helpful boy, saw others still holding on to the materials after the teacher said that they have to return, went over and wanted to take over from his classmates' and "help" to return !

Today, he was pretty good. He went to take his share of the instrument, guess what, aftet taking two, he went over and took another one for me so that I can join in ! How sweet !

During the english class, Teacher Janet covered the story "The very hungry caterpillar" and the kids made a caterpillar out of colourful circles.

First, they painted a piece of big leaf.

And added the circles thereafter to form a caterpillar.

And it's just nice that Xav can write his name on the circles.

Then, the lifecycle of a butterfly is covered. Singing and dancing with a butterfly held in his hand.

And this was last week's work. The bird and it's nest.

And Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow !! Looking forward !

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