Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Zoophonics Lesson 3 ~ May

Xav's back to classes ! Daddy has accompanied him for Lesson 2 and 3.

I couldn't pen down what was going on during lesson 2 as daddy did not take any pics ! He just told me that curious little Xav was walking round and round the classroom !

They did a craft on decorating the rabbit with white cotton wool after listening to the story of the Tortise and the Hare.

For Lesson 3, Xav came back with a cat which can also served as a rattle, with the beans wrapped in the half folded paper plate.

He made a tortise as well !

He sure likes the tortise ! And guess what was his reply when I asked him what he was holding. First reply was "sun" ! I believed he did it on purpose as he knew that it was a tortise !

Reason why he gave "sun" as the answer because if you overturned the paper plate, it looks kind of like a sun in a way ! And he gave me a second answer ... "tortise - sun"

Interesting ! How did he actually came up with that answer !

Deardear was telling me that Xav was actually "making sure" that all his classmates have returned the materials after every activities by going around and popping his head over to see if they have returned ! If he spotted some who are still holding on, he will "help" to return to the teacher himself !

And I am crossing my fingers here that Xav does not catch the bug from a few of his classmates and parents who are having cough and cold yet still present in class ! Hey peeps... please be more considerate ! Stay home if you are sick, but if you want to join in the class, please wear a mask !!!

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