Monday, May 17, 2010

Yong Tau Hu

Been lagging this post for a long time !

Finally got a chance to eat the home made Yong Tau Hu by 2nd Aunt from KL. This was prepare since morning... Spent a few hours to prepare and cook and gone in a few seconds !!!

But seriously this is yummy ! I saw how she scrapped off the meat from the fish. She went to buy "gao yu" (in cantonese). Here is the chef !

Scrapped off all the meat (Five big fishes here),

pound into paste using the traditional pound as there is no blender at mum's place.

Then, got to "throw" the meat hard so that the paste would be springy !

Lots of hard work !!! Then, filled the chillies,

tau kee,

( Take out the big pieces, wash or wipe clean. The remaining broken pieces can be kept to cook desserts so as not to waste it.)

After deep frying

mini tau pok

(Initially we cut the tau pok and turn the skin inside out as it will be more crispy after deep frying and I tried it. It's true !

and brinjal with the paste and deep fried till they turn golden brown.

I felt that the main lead is the sauce for the Yong Tau Hu. Now I know it !! It's just mainly; garlic, sugar and crushed salted bean paste. Putting all in to fry with the sauce.

Anyway, I was so silly to use my bare fingers to deseed the chillies. Ended up with burning fingers by the end of the day ! Lesson learnt heh !

The sauce was pretty simple and easy.. Only Sugar, crushed bean paste and garlic

When will the next session of the making of YTH comes?

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