Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Xav's @ 25 months

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 !!!! This is what Xav can do without looking at the numbers !

His counting has increased to 30 from counting and recognising the numbers. But he is not prepared to learn the words though I wanted to print out and flash to him.

Probably I shall start after we move to Seng Kang as I'm pretty tied up with all the packing !

Recently, he told me "yee ah yee bao bao". I was like trying to figure it out what that means !
and guessed what ! It meant "piggy ride". I did not know until he kept repeating and finally went behind me and climb himself onto my back. That was when I realised what he meant. I tested him by asking him "Do you want yee ah yee bao bao " and he went straight on my back ! Bingo !

Finally, the boy is recovering well ! No more runny nose nor frequent sneezing and neither I hear any phlegmy sound from him. Hope he is recovering well. Got to know from Esther that Owen has been using the charcoal bolster for a few months and significantly, his nose allergy is not as bad as before.

Hence, she helped me get one bolster, big enough and Xav was definately more than happy to have a big bolster to hug to sleep. Hope the bolster works well on him too.

Also not forgetting to thank Aunty Esther for the charcoal pillow (From Xavier)

Xav's starting to associate things like train with tracks. Sometimes,imaginary runs and he will put his cars and starts running on the tracks as well. He tried to build something from the lego set and ran the structure with wheels on the tracks too ! Definately he is in love with the lego set ! Thanks Steph !

Here's Xav bringing over the gift to Justin. He insisted on carrying it for me. One of their milestones at this stage is they like to do things themselves ! Can you imagine the elavator with the conveying belt type with no steps. He was so sure of himself that he refused to let me hold him when walking onto it.

Can you imagine from the minute we reached home, he was supposed to go for his nap but he refused and kept wanting to open up the set. I told him "
okay Xav, you go and take your nap now and you'll get to play later when you wake". First thing after his nap, he ran straight to the living room and he sure remembers !!

He requested to open up and started to play for the longest time for once !

Think only lego can sustain his interests slightly longer. He was playing another lego set at mum's place before I went for my nap. After I woke up, he was still playing on his own !

And we took him to ECP just last sunday. This time round, no sand play but cycling ! I tried my turn today to cycle with him infront of him.

Not easy though I managed to cycle all the way to Big Splash. But change over to daddy as I am too tired to cycle back with Xav on my bike.. hahahaha ...

But it's fun ! I love it when he was laughing while we were on the ride. He learnt a new word "tent" when I pointed to the tents and show him what it was. Not sure why he found it funny when I told him that "the people are camping day and night" .. A simple and silly statement but this made him chuckled all the way ! Weird isn't !

But that cranky fellow insisted to sit on the bicycle without the child seat ! And simply refused to let us leave the place unless he is sitting on it !!

And he knocked out not long after we reached home.

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