Tuesday, May 11, 2010

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On Mother's Day, received a little surprise from Xavier !

While waiting for our orders to come, he suddenly went "Monday (199), Tuesday (200), Wednesday (201), Thursday (202), Friday (203), Saturday (204), Sunday (205) "

Was a little surprise as I didn't went through this with me for quite sometime and I don't do this very often. The most recent I heard from deardear was in the last Zoophonics class, the teacher went through once with the kids and there he is !

Sometimes I will sing the nursery song that uses the same tune as "Clementine"

"There are 7 days (x2)
There are 7 days in a week
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and

And he made a new friend ! For unknown reason he was so attached to this bear (206).

Soundly asleep while hugging it.

Whenever, he doesn't want to sit in the carseat, I will tell him that bear bear ( which he names it) will be sitting with you and he willingly allow us to sit him in !

Xav sure have his way with me. He spotted two new sets of Melissa and Doug puzzles, one is an alphabet set while the other is a colour puzzle with coloured fishes.

He names me all the colours one by one correctly as he pointed to the fishes. I am certain that he knows all the colours by now. Black (207), white (208), blue (209), pink (210), orange, red, green (211) and brown (212).

Seeing this, I can't help but open up the puzzle for him but again this boy wanted the alphabet set as well. Guess what he did ? He sang the full "ABC song" for me

But am sorry son, not so soon ... But thumbs up for your effort though !

He learnt this recently:
Mummy: What is your name ?
Xav: Xavier
Sometimes he disturbs us by replying "Xavier Don" combining with Daddy's name !
Mummy: what is daddy's name ?
Xav: Don
Mummy: What is mummy's name ?
Xav: Serene
Mummy: How old are you ?
Xav: He fills in the blank ( mummy: I am , Xav: 2 , mummy : years old)

And he was feeling my ears one evening and he named it ear, followed by 耳朵, and earring (213) when he felt the earring. He saw me wearing my ring (214) and kept saying "wear ring" and asked for my ring!

These are the most recent books I got for him.

I did not managed to get the scholastic series on moral values. So I got these for him instead when I found them.

Got a lacing book for him as well !!

and I saw him lacing around with the book quietly on a few occasions !

Wonder why I can't load pics into the blog via my phone.... Horrible !!!! The pics are loaded by sending to my email from Iphone. Double job !!!

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