Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hunting hunting

Recently, we were on a hunt for a totally red vase and a water feature as required to be placed in the new home for feng shui purposes.

We managed to find a vase at Chinatown, liked by the both of us which is the most important =p

On the hunt next is a water feature. Best option is to get a tank as not all water feature are suitable. The more water the better it is. So we concluded to get a fish tank.

We went to Serangoon North Ave 1 if I didn't remember wrongly. There are plenty of pet shops there. Ranging from birds




and hamsters !

Xav enjoyed going to shop by shop and was so excited when he saw the lovely animals!

Still we didn't managed to find one which we like. But seems like we will be settling for some environmental friendly corals !

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