Monday, May 17, 2010

Blinds and Frosted glass wall

The roller blinds are ready ! Got one of dear dear's anutie who deals with this to help us install the blinds. We choose a grey shade for the whole house except for the living room, which is of a lighter grey shade.

This is the window where the compressor is.

This is the living room. Grey shades with slightly see through. Can't tell much difference from the pic but there's a diff when you're there personally !

Cooking area as well as the dry area are done with the frosted glass to prevent the grease from getting the walls dirty.

While we were busy cleaning the house, Xav occupied himself with the puzzle. Guess what he did today? He took up each individual pieces and started to read and spell out the letters for each colour !

The date is getting closer ! Movers will move the big bulky items on the 24th while we will officially move in on the 30th ! Looking forward !

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Location:Bedok South Rd,Bedok,Singapore

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