Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Almost Done !!!

It's almost done !! Getting more and more excited as the house is soon to be ready !

The glass door to the kitchen is done !

From inside the kitchen

The tv console

Doors for all rooms are done too !

How it looks like from the walkway.

The frosted glass door that leads to the master bedroom bathroom

I got a shock when I saw the mirror. Found out that it was actually a communication breakdown betweent the ID and the contractor. He told the contractor to place the mirror 15 inches above the vanity top. But contractor heard wrongly and placed it 15 inches above the sink !!! They are gonna smash the mirror and redo the mirror.

Here's dear's favourite tap !

With water !! The feel is different though from normal taps.. =P One word from dear dear was "shiok"

The shower screen with a casement swing door.

and dear's favourite shower rain ! Actually we had a disagreement over the design as I wanted the "Star rise" design badly as I set my eyes on it long time back but he prefers the round big one ! Eventually, I changed to this round big design to make him happy since he gave me this nice home !

The aircon units are up too.

The carpenter has also completed the divider for the pull out tray.

But he got to redo as I don't think this is acceptable. The dividers are too tight.

that they cannot fit in properly and evenly.

and lil' Xavier happily went into the lower compartment of the wardrobe !!

The storage heater in the common bathroom.

Aircon unit in the living room.

And in the other two rooms.

Painted the proposed study room with Angel Blue. But still pending which room is to be for Xavier.

Thats about it ! Just got the measurement done for the roller blinds.

The rest of the touch up will be done within this week and cleaning starts tomorrow by dear dear while it will be my turn when it comes to unpacking !

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