Sunday, April 4, 2010

Painting and tiles

Updates for the renovation after a week. This is for Kelvin's convenient viewing as well since I can't send through hotmail.

The colours have been painted in the living room. However, I spotted some uneven patches ( Refer to the darker patch of green on the right).

Close up
@ the Service yard, verticle tiles is another issue.

Tiles size are not evenly cut, as well as spacing between tiles are not even. Please redo this area.

For the room next to the master bedroom, we thought that it would be a complete L box as this could result in having difficulties to buy the correct sizing for the shelving to fit in nicely.

Master bedroom painting on both the right and left side, crooked lines. Can improve on this area as it's far too obvious. Not that I'm a perfectionist but this is not acceptable even for minor details.

For the false wall behind the wardrobe. Can the hacked area be patch more evenly with the gaps properly filled up. Understand that it will be covered by the wardrobe once build, but I do not want to see the gaps if I should remove the wardrobe one day.

Please buzz me when u reach the unit. Thanks

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