Thursday, April 29, 2010

To the beach again !!

We really enjoyed the morning trips to the beach ! Whenever the weather is good, we have the time, we will make a trip down to the beach !

Xav's turning to be a beach boy soon !

He is pretty good with building his cuppies now !

and starts counting them one by one !

Well, getting more adventurous.. trying to build near the water line !

and he picks up seashells and kept repeating "seashells" whenever he picks up one ! Too bad, couldn't find really nice ones @ ECP. Probably they have more at Siloso beach !

This time round was bad, Xav got a big mozzie bite behind his left knee, which kept him irritated for days ! It got swollen and red and poor boy was interrupted in his sleep at night due to the itch. Thank goodness, I managed to reduce the itch using salt water to apply on the area.

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