Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday lunch

Sunday was back at Bedok and here I am cooking some simple dishes for the afternoon.

Started off with Omelette with Ham for the morning as per hint I caught on sat evening .. =p

And here's Xav's share. He was sure delighted as he did not have any fruits for two months already !!

Scrambled eggs with steam apples and a packet milk !

I started to give him a little to start with. Happy !!!

Only recently, I started giving him prune juice to help him with the contispation as he could not take fruits until his phlegm is cleared.

Lunch was black pepper chix wings

And steam cod fish with lily bulbs.

Got the recipe from wokking mum but I modify the measurement as per my own serving.

1 table spoon of sesame oil
1 table spoon of Chinese cooking oil
8-10 pieces of lily bulbs, shredded ginger
tomato slices to replace chilli as I could not find any in the fridge.

Steam until fish is cooked.

Heat up one table spoon of cooking oil and half a teaspoon of soy sauce. Drizzle over the fish and serve.

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