Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Route to recovery from Bronchiolitis

After all these while, despite taking the neb for so long, Dr Koh suggested to send Xav for a chest x-ray, a full blood count and as well as a nasal swab test.

He stopped Xav from the neb as the phlegm still persists and gave him antibiotics "Distaclor" as the x-ray shows that the right lung has infection and it could be from the previous lung infection which had not been fully recovered.

Nasal test result showed that there is a heavy grow of Moraxella Catarrhalis (a type of bacterial)
Plus the white blood cells count in the full blood count rest is significantly higher than the normal range for children. Xav's findings was 15 whereby the normal range is from 5-10.

During these one week having been on antibiotics, suddenly Xav got thick yellowish mucous again. When we went back for review, Dr Koh was saying to extend the antibiotics for another week if need be give him zyrtec to help with the runny nose.

The runny nose went on for 3 days and I decided to bring him to Ever Spring Medical Group (tcm) for 陈美娥医师 to check.

Her diagnose was Xav's body is very weak yet there is heatiness in his body (虚火)if I did not write wrongly. All his cough and cold are the result of his sensitive airways and told me to make him bird nest as it would help him in his lungs. But no cordyceps as she is trying to retune is weak body after he finishes with the course of medication she gave. Best part was she was telling me, the powder she gave to Xav works well with Zyrtec.

He has been on the powder for three days and I started to see improvement !

His nose is slowly drying up ! Though his mucous now are those super sticky type. At least I finally see him recovering after the long battle with the bugs !! And also no more cough except for a few cough in the morning when he wakes !

I wouldn't dare to say this tcm is good. Probably her medication works well with certain western medication. But one thing that kills is the waiting time !

We waited for 2 hours even with appointment ! Anyway, what matters most now is Xav is recovering !!!

The clinic is located at Blk 42 Cambridge road, if I did not remember wrongly ( opposite Pek Kio CC) Tel: 62568774.

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