Monday, April 12, 2010

National Museum of Singapore

A raining saturday which stopped us from going to Jacoob Ballas Garden and also daddy was working... An unexpected visit to the National Museum of Singapore with Angie and Dana and Esther with Owen joined in later ! Really a rare outing !

Thanks for the company babes ! Hope the todds enjoyed as much as Xav does !

The museum is no longer the boring museum of the past ! The National Museum re-opened in Dec 2006 after a 3 year re-development. We get to explore Singapore's history from the 14th century to the modern period.

Using a story-telling approach, unveiling different perspectives as you travel through tales of the past on your preferred path. The Events path traces major events and characters that were part of Singapore's history, while the Personal path tells stories through the eyes of the man on the street.

While waiting for Dana and mummy, Xav was running around @ the lobby where he met a 3 year old caucasian boy and the two little darlings gave each other a warm hug !

Before entering the gallery, Xav was so attracted by the swinging lamps !

They went to watch a short 3D show in the Event galleries on the founding of Singapore and other typical activities of a malay village before Singapore was found.

Xav's sitting on the typical rattan stool.

For an unknown reason, wonder why the kids love climbing up on stools or chairs they came across !

Here's Dana counting the number of pics in the table display.

And Xav joined in !

I grew up taking this brand !

Xavier simply just loves to squeeze through the gap in between the wall ! And both lil' ones are having great fun taking turns !

Street names on different signboards from the past.

The basin of the olden days ... The todds were amused by the sound when they strike on the side !

The steels for the first HDB !

The retro televisions !!

Xav fell alseep @ 1.30 pm reluctantly as he was too distracted ! We continued on the tour with Dana and went to the museum cafe for a short tea break while waiting for Xav to wake and Owen's mama to join us !

We went to The Balcony @ Level 2. ! Displaying paper bags from 1950s to 1980s before we went for tea break.

The exhibition showcases over 60 paper and plastic bags in the National Museum collection, many on display for the first time.

Paper bags were first locally made around 1940s for provision shops. Their survival was then challenged by plastic bags as the latter became increasingly popular in 1980s.

A popular household brand till date ! And I'm using this brand's Sesame oil !

Still in a dazed after he woke up

And Owen joins in !! Tsk tsk... all these todds are so preoccupied !!!

So Iphone is the cause ...

Engrossed with the windmill ... ...

Catch Dana's candid smile !!

After the tea break, Daddy came and we continued our tour... While waiting for Dana, we had some candid shots on our own ...

The museum also houses 4 living galleries using art, technology and popular culture in innovative and engaging ways to present the story of Singapore's ordinary people and social elite. Through the themes of: Fashion, Film and Wayang, Food and Photography.

The Food Gallery

It recreates the vibrancy of Singapore's street life from 1940s to 1980s through the presentation of 10 iconic dishes that originated from the street - complete with displays of food-related artefacts, audio-visual stations that show docu-style short films produced with archival photographs and oral histories, and specially designed sound installation.

Xav's @ The satay stall

Here's the kueh tu tu cart !

The former Hawker Licence

The Roti Prata Utensils

The classic F&N soft drinks glass bottles !!

The equipment used to make mooncakes, kueh buloh etc ..

They have a section where spices are displayed and you can even get to smell some of them !

and Dana's thrilled to tried it !

Trying her hands on the pound !

The Fashion Gallery

It reveals the fabric of Singapore Society through popular music and displays of apparels, accessories and beauty products used by women from 1950s to 1970s.

A special section in the gallery provides visitors with an idea of what goes on in a tailor's workshop, giving an in-depth understanding of the process and techniques of how various traditional garments, such as cheongsam, are made.

The future DJ in the making ! Xav was listening so intensively to the oldies and he started to pick up the song after hearing for a while.

This shot looks professional enough ?

I finally got to know what Xav was trying to sing !

Daddy joined in too !

Thank you Esther for taking this lovely pic for us !

Some candid shots of Xavier !

I found a live doll in the Museum !

and the doll can dance ?!?!

And there are plenty of activities coming up in May !! Think I'm getting more excited than Xav !!! I am now contemplating to get the membership for a year !!! =P

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Dana Mummy and Daddy said...

Thanks Serene for the detailed post of our fun excursion! Your pics are very well-taken and educational! David says he missed out on the fun and want to return with Dana again :)

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