Friday, April 23, 2010

Lightings & carpentry

The lightings for the whole house were all fitted up ! But the cove lightings are so unevenly distributed !!! Think they got to re-fit the whole thing.

and I found cracks and small little holes on the false ceiling with plc units.

Most comes from the Master Bedroom and the cove lightings are not evenly distributed as well.

We chose a refreshing green to go with white for the kitchen and a rectangular lighting for the cooking area.

For sure this is bright enough for the light to penetrate through the clear openings by the length.

This will be the dry table top with the built-in-oven below.

The walkway with warm plc lightings. But the last unit nearest to the Master bedroom seems to be out of alignment.

The is the lighting we got for both common rooms. Except that the one installed in Xavier's room have both white and night light.

Sink for the Master Bedroom to go with the fountain flow tap.

Think by next week, the grills and the common bathroom doors as well as the rooms carpentry should be done by then.


karlsfoodie said...

tsk.. i tink the workmanship really CMI.. i nvr seen such uneven lightings on the cove before..

Serene said...

His carpentry still ok.. but lightings he said he will ask the electrician to readjust again ...

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