Sunday, April 11, 2010

Carpentry space planning

Finally finished with the space planning and discussion for the kitchen cabinets and master bedroom wardrobe !

And they have repatched the false wall

which is so much better than the initial state when I first saw.

And the tiles at the rounded edge in the service yard is more evenly cut although not perfect.

And it's time to shop for a sink for the washroom in the master bedroom as well as a tap. Still couldn't find a nice one ...

Think shall go to Hoe Kee at Katong Complex to get the tap I saw.. My dream tap costs minimum $750 so I think I can just forget about it as $750 can get pretty lots of other essentials !

And as usual, we took turns took after Xavier along the corridor as he cannot go into the dusty unit !

There he was happily putting on dear's sunglasses acting cool !

The oversized Okley !

Showing me how he can rest the glasses on his neck!

His favourite action when singing the Barney song "with a big great hug"

"And a kiss from me to you" he goes "...mmmmuack"

And he discovered he could rest the glasses on his waist !

And he felt so proud about this achievement ! Hence, we wowed along with him !

Shall get down to search for his Nursery school. Had shortlisted By the Park @ Li Hwan as well as Brain Button Kindy. A diff of $200 - $300. But to compensate the time needed for travelling and transport, I guessed it tantamounts to the same. But it's a childcare based though.

Hopefully I can get to view the school soon, let him have a trial so that I can find out more about their curriculum and register him for N1 next year if it's good !

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