Sunday, March 7, 2010

Xav @ 23 months old

One more month to hit the terrible 2s !!

My little darling has really grown from a baby to a toddler who now has a sense of self and knows how to demand for his wants and voice out his dislikes!

His speech is slowly developing as each day more words are introduced to him. I'm glad that he has overcome the stranger anxiety which he used to have after he was discharged from the hospital. Now he sees people in or outside the life, even in the train cabin. This friendly little boy will greet them "uncle or aunty", "kor kor or jie jie"

He recognises different family members now and knows the following addressing: Gong gong, mah mah, tor tor (por por), Yi tor (Yi por), yiyi, uncle, Nana/ mei mei (Edna), daddy, mummy, kor kor and Jie Jie for bigger kids. Sharing is quite a challenging task for me to teach him. He always tell the kids who are playing with the toys which he wanted to play with to "share" but on the contrary I believed he got it wrong somehow. He will not share if he has gotten hold of the toy !

But I'm glad yesterday that he is willing to give Edna an orange toy car personally when I told him to and ask him to share as he got another blue one. And guess what, he told Edna "don't bite" when he saw her putting the toy car into her mouth. There was once Edna was crying and Xav kept telling Edna "don't cry" ! Seems like Xav knows how to behave more like a kor kor ?!

Greetings wise, I made an effort every night and morning to greet him. He has learnt how to say "good night, 晚安 & oyasuminasai (sai) and morning" When the phone rings, he will imitate us and says "hello" I would really like to list down and find out how many words he really knows and understands. Greeting and addressing has a total of 16 words.

For transportation, he has no problem identifying a MRT station even from far. I'm quite amazed by this though. He can name me train (17), car (18), lorry (19), taxi (20) and bus (21) And he knows that he needs to flag a taxi in order to get one and he needs to tap (22) the EZ link card when entering the mrt gantry and after boarding the bus. Almost left out aeroplane (142) ! Recently, I taught him to say "bye bye train" after the train has left and he surprised me when I just merely told him once and next moment he blurted out. Since then, he has been saying that on and off at the station.

Food & fruit lover for the greedy him ! Definately he knows the basics like rice (23), eggs (24), bread (25), soup (26), carrot (27), popopo (potato) (28), tomato (29), strawberries (30), apples (31), banana (32) and orange (33). And he named it his way for the Japanese chikuwa as eggs and when I sliced them into slices like calamari rings, he named them as "O". Interesting !

Recently, he glues to me like superglue. Following me everywhere I go. So I taught him to mix the seasoning when I pour over the meat. Now he sees me in the kitchen holding a bowl, he will come up to me and tell me "mix" (34) and sits down waiting for me to pass him the bowl (35) and spoon (36). Furnitures or fixtures and fittings, he can name me table (37), chair (38), tap (39), fan (40), lights (41). The vainpot recently too likes to dress himself up with my clothes !

And he knows that he has to lift up the hem of the dress as it was too long and made it difficult for him to walk.

Xav has his preference of what kind of shorts and shoes to wear . He doesn't like to wear socks and only likes his pair of sandals and crocs ! He understands when I tell him "are you ready to go" or "go and wear your shoes " (42). He can wear his crocs on his own and sandals too but need a little help as he tends to strap the Velcro in front of his ankle rather than behind.

He was so proud of himself after wearing the shoes on his own and keep asking me to open (43) the door for him to go out. He will stand in front of the lift (44) and wait for it. After entering the lift, he will echo "going (45) down (46) or up (47) and shouted "one" (48) after it reaches the ground level. Whilst the lift is ascending or descending, he will happily count the number to each floor. So far he knows number 1 to 20. But certain numbers like 13, 14, 15 and 17, he is still not very good in pronouncing them.

For mandarin, he can count from 1-10 !

His dai dai (bye bye (75))has improved and now it has the "B" sound. He even said "bye bye frogs (76) and bye bye fish(77) whenever he sees them in the tank and walked away.

For attire, he can name me shirt (78), shorts (79), shoes (80) when asked.

For body parts, he is now trying to catch up with the song "head (81), shoulders (82), knees (83) and toes (84). Knows that eyes (85) in mandarin is 眼睛 (86), ear (87), mouth (88), tongue (89), chin (90), nose (91), armpit (92), fingers (93), belly button (94), hand (95), leg (96), knee (97), hair (98) & arm (99)

His recently conversation with me was :

Xav: nose , nose
Mummy: why? What happened to your nose ?
Xav: itchy (100)
Mummy: then what do you want mummy to do ?
Xav: rub (101)

For his arms, before he really falls asleep, Xav tends to scratch his arms and head. And he will request I scratch for him by telling me the part he wants me to scratch (102) or just simply places my hand there.

Actions which he knows, understands and speaks; open (103), put (104), close (105), shake (106), eat (107), drink (108), sit (109) , sleep (110), urine (111), hug (112) Ng wan ( dun want (113) pease (please 114)), cut (115). This morning he surprised me by putting in almost all the correct shapes for the Melissa and Doug Shape puzzle.

He knows what's circle (116), heart (117), star (118), square (119), crescent he terms it as moon (120).

Animals he knows are dog (121), cat (122), giraffe (123), bird (124), insect (125), ant (126), butterfly (127) and rabbit (128). I was surprised when he can tell me that an ant is an insect and will normally give it to me after he squashed them !! Where did he learn it? From the iphone of course !

Other miscellaneous words like bubbles (129) rainbow (130), sun (131), balloon (132), hot (133), cold (134), cake (135), fountain (136) , leaves (137), plants (138), flowers (139) etc.

During shower time, he likes to associate the shower with raining (140). Sometimes he will sit in a pail with all his toys. When the shower is over, I will ask him if he can empty (141) the pail for me. He will gladly use one hand and empty the pail.

Colours he knew ranging from red (142), green (143), orange (144), purple (145) and blue (146). And he loves singing ! Here's Xavier singing "over the rainbow" while watching the MTV by Angela Zhang. (It's faster to watch on U-tube without much interruption while loading, just click on the video)

Xav also tends to say "somemore" (147) when he wants more of something he is eating or drinking. When the meal is done, or when a show is finished, he will come to me and tell me no more (149) or finished (150).

And certainly he knows what is a diamond (151) and chain (152) ! How nice if one day he could go and tell daddy " get mummy a diamond ! " =p

One last achivement of Xav till date was he knows where to throw (153) his diapers after I changed (154) them. Sometimes after meals he tends to bring his empty plate to the sink ! Well done ! And he loves to use "stuck" (155) when I undress him, and his head got stuck with the shirt on his head, goes "oh oh" (156) when he spills or drops (157) something !

And his most recent used phrase these few days was "So funny (159) " and after saying it, he started to give a little laugh !

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