Friday, March 19, 2010

Simple meals

Think I'm getting lazier or just plain tired after looking after the sick Xavier since CNY. He had s stomach bug and four episodes of catching flu bugs one after another ! How bad !

For recent brekkie, either he gets to drink fresh milk from Magnolia with bread or he will get Teddy puffs with apple and milk.

Was making a fast French toast bears for him that morning. But before I get to prepare the frying pan, I wonder how many bears he has eaten !

I cut out the bears and soak them in eggwash, followed by pan frying them ! Can sprinkle some sugar on top if you want but since it's for Xav, I omit the sugar.

Recent lunch was macaroni with minced beef and vegetables in tomato paste (Hunts)

I pan fried the ingredients below, add in minced beef, then followed by the tomato paste mixture.

Drain off the water for the macaroni and served.

Dinner, I stirred fry the French beans with bacon and egg tofu. No need to add any seasoning as bacon by itself is already saltish.

And also the pear drink with almond kernel meant for cough since he is still coughing and had plenty of phlegm.

Next shall try cooking crocodile meat soup as I heard it's pretty good for cough.

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