Sunday, March 14, 2010

My lil' helper [Part 3]

More and more curiosity is what lil' Xav is having !! He can help me with the shopping basket and mopping the floor earlier this post. His recent abilities has increased from helping me to carry my wristlet,

helping the grandmother to push the trolley for marketing,

Throw his own diaper (160) into the dustbin as well as helping me with my laundry ! I'm trying to engage him in my daily chores so that he knows what I'm doing and at the same time he learns some real life skills too.

I taught him to open the peg, so as to strengthen up his fingers and also training his eye and hand coordination by putting the peg on the pole.

And he is more independant now. Normally, I will pass him the packet of fresh milk with a straw ready for him. One day, I saw him trying to poke the straw him.

And the next few days, he can take the packet of milk from the table, remove the straw from the wrapper and poke in the straw himself !! Great job ! Prob by three, he can be trained to prepare himself bread ?! Shall see how well he goes !

And lately, he is much into playing ball and also likes to sit on his round "stool" !

And from the ball (160), he learnt two words, throw (161)

and catch (162). I have tried to throw the ball to him and he has been pretty good in receiving them. Whenever he receives them, he will really laugh !

Watch some of his stunts !

Trying to move the ball sandwiched between his legs !

And trying to walk with the ball inbetween his legs !

And here's my kitchen helper ! He helps me to mix sauces as well as mixed the seasoning into the meat. Whenever, he sees me emptying the meat into the bowl, he will come up to me and tell me "mixed".

He learnt and can name me more kitchen equipments like scissors (163) and fork (164).

Early this morning, he woke up and pointed to the prints on his bolsters with crabs and stars with eyes. I assume those are starfish but I did not taught him before. I was surprised when he pointed and told me "starfish" (165), bubbles etc.

There is another pillow of his with prints of lion (166), tiger (167), elephant (168) as well as zebra (169). He knows them all by now. And his new knowledge of tortise (170). His pronounciation is getting better than before !

And probably he wants some form of rewards! He seriously likes to sit on our shoulder recently.

And definately he's having lots of fun ! And I'm not spared this time round to become his "horse" ! Tough job isn't it ?!

And this little fellow likes raisins ! I gave him a slice of raisin bread for tea break, he happily lookout for the raisins, but them off and gave me the bread.

Just aiming at the spot where the raisins were !

This year, there won't be a birthday party for Xavier for dear dear is on course for two months. But we do look forward to the bash with his other little friends as well as the private celebration just among our family.

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