Monday, March 8, 2010

Mild lung infection

Think it's not a pretty good start for the year of Tiger. Xav has been sick since the 3rd day of cny till now. After the stomach bug, he caught the cold bug from the girl whom he was playing with at the clinic. I did not realise until I saw the girl's mucous...... I was like ... Xav's confirmed gonna catch her bug. Sigh... Why am I so careless ...

True enough, the next day, he started to rub his nose and sneezed. Runny nose followed by. After having three days of Actifed, still it was not better and coupled with a block nose, I brought Xav back to Dr Cheng. Nose drops were prescribed to him. And it got better.

During the weekends, we brought him to attend a full month party and whilst on the way home on train, crowded train was bad enough.

God knows what that inconsiderate uncle is thinking! He bent down right beside Xav and gave two sneezes !!! I was like "god d**n it " !!! Shouldn't he be covering his nose or mouth !!! And why must he bend down to sneeze ! So that the virus won't pass to other people but why openly beside Xavier who is just only a child ! Helpless !!!!

And from here Xav got a secondary infection. His cold came back and his time round with phlegmy cough !

I gave him rhinothiol (pink) after seeking advice from Dr Cheng but it's not working. Greatest fear of mine was he could be wheezing from the way I see how hard he tried to cough amd plus his fever lasted for three days and had soared to 39.6 deg.

And true enough, I brought him back to Dr Cheng to request for an x-ray to see if there is any infection at the lungs.

Prob I can be Dr Seah, the film showed a blurred area around the lungs and confirmed it was a mild lung infection but the wheezing was not as bad as the last episode. Thank god for this.

Antibiotics (klacid) was given and together with Sedilix Syrup. A four hourly neubaliser session is needed.

My boy has grown up ! He no longer fears the mask and gladly allowed me to hold it for him.

Xav even willingly took over from me and held onto his nose by himself ! Great isn't ! This time I do not even need to play any show for him ! He will just sit there an allow the session to run.

He can even show me he can have the mask handsfree !

Despite he is sick, he is still as active and playful ! This is what I love about Xav !

He likes to sit on our shoulders recently !

And doesn't he looks like a sealion, balancing the ball on his head !?

And guess what Xav did ?

He lined up the blocks to form a track for his cars and trains right up till the underneath of the tv console.

Great imagination ! Get well soon Xav and go back to your classes !

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