Monday, March 29, 2010

KKH midnight visit

That particular evening, Xav kept woking up. I suspected that his nose could be congested. He woke up thrice crying quite badly and keep telling me " ear itchy... Nose pain..." and it's so hard to pacify him. Usually he doesn't have this kind of "abnormal" waking and crying.

And the poor boy was also bitten by mozzies I guessed.

The bumps were patchy, red, swollen and warm when you touched the affected areas. It was so itchy that he couldn't sleep ! The whole night he has been telling me "leg itchy, scratch" poor us.. One itch and one gotta scratch till he really fell asleep

By the third time he woke crying, I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked him to drink some water and he doesn't even want a sip despite not having any drinks for a few hours right after he slept. I was afraid that he might have ulcers in his throat.

Hence, decided to bring him to KKH for a check to play safe that it's not another case of HFMD.

The doctor checked his ENT, there was no sign of any infection ! In another words, there is nothing wrong with him at all.

But he was given Kitotifen ( one of the lung tonic) which I was going to ask from Xav's PD as I feel that he might need this to strengthen up his lungs for he caught the cold and cough bug for the fifth time ever since CNY ! The rest of the medication are mainly cream for the bites, Sabutamol and Zyrtec for his runny nose.

But I was kinda shock to see the dosage prescribed to Xav! Its double the usual amount he used to take ! His normal dosage maximum is 2.5 ml. But the KKH doc gave him 5 ml!

I felt so umcomfortable that I held back his medication and called up Dr Cheng for advice.

I came to a conclusion after confirming with two PDs, KKH docs don't actually give the dosage by weight and height. They go by age I guessed as Xav was exactly 2 when he went to KKH that evening.

The poor boy lost quite a bit of weight due to his cough as he couldn't get good night sleep for these period. Hope there will be stop to all these viruses for once !

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