Friday, March 19, 2010

Hacking Starts !!

Finally, the renovation for our new home started on 15th March '10 ! The initial date to start was supposed to be on the 3rd of March ! Infact, I'm pretty pissed by the delay because to me, I give you the deadline, I don't care how you do it and when you do it, when deadline is up, you had better give me the work.

Deardear was kind enough, telling me not to be so harsh to the ID as after all he is my friend's husband. But my reply was, "sorry, I don't care who he is, I only know that I am paying for your service and you should be prefessional enough, else I will give "indirect" pressure if you really need me to push you for the work." This is me alright ...... I draw a line between personal and work.

So I went down to meet up with the electrician to discuss about the points for sockets as well as if we need any additional switches else where around the house.

Have decided the following:

For living room:

1. Switch beside the shoe cabinet to shift to the side nearer to the door, no fake wall required as I feel that it's a waste of space and $$ !

2. Beside this switch, there will be a switch to switch on the lightings along the walkway and likewise, there will be a switch just outside the master bedroom, to switch off the lightings along the walkway, so that we do not need to walk all the way just to switch it off.

3. There will be an additional socket point near to the dining area, just beside the walkway (For steamboat or vacuuming purposes)

For master bedroom:

1. There will be 3 switches in total to control the cove lightings and the four plc lightings (2 lightings on each side).

2. To utilise the socket on the next room, so that I can plug the hairdryer in from within the wardrobe so that all be hidden.

This is how it looks like after hacking down the portion. This will be for the cabinet. It will eat into a little space of the next room but this way, it will maintain the size of the master bedroom, will not result in an even smaller room with a wardrobe.

Looking forward for more development ... ...

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