Saturday, March 20, 2010

Electrical wiring starts !

Today we went down to our new place to see how the renovation is going on.

See how excited Xavier was ! hahaha.. decked out in his dinosaurs sleep romper, imgaine he didn't even change !

So far, they have shifted the switches for the kitchen, and has started to lay the wiring for the lighting points in the living rooms as well as other rooms.

This is the living room's wiring:

The walkway:

Master bedroom

The Kitchen

Gonna shop for the PLC lightings, shower rain and some lightings for the kitchen and the bathroom this wed ! Yoooo hooooo !!!

After that we went to have lunch @ Ikea and did some window shopping ! And Xav did had some fun playing with the kitchen set !

And horsed around !

Afterwich, we went home, let him take his nap before we got him ready for the party in the evening !

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