Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The coming up lightings and tiles

Over the weekends, we had went to shop for all the lightings and finally it has been done! I would say not easy to find one for dear dear's taste and mine were the totally opposites ! But but but ... it's not impossible ! It's just not easy to find one lighting that we both can agree on ! And we found one !

These are the progress of the renovation when we went over during the weekends. The false ceiling, it's up already !

We have decided to use the same design for all PLC lightings but different sizes though. 4 big ones in the living room, using white lights, 3 small ones along the walk way, using warm lights, 4 medium ones, using white lights for the master bedrooms. Both master bedroom and the living room will also have cove lightings.

They have laid the tiles for all the rooms and living room.

This light will be for the service yard,

while we used the white one for both the bathrooms.

Kerb laid for the common bathroom. The area was so cramp that we asked the contractor to slightly widen the area to the max that they can do it.

This is for the master bedroom bathrom

This is the kitchen. Platforms for the cabinet, stove and sink area.

We chose this lighting for the kitchen.

and this little boy is so fascinated by the cement platform in the service yard

Gives us a funny face later when we called for him !

, one of his sunny bright smile at the door !

and recently likes to perform his backwards stunt !

Coming up next will be the scheduling for the delivery of the oven, kitchen sink, hob and hood and at the meantime has to draft up what we need for the wardrobe compartment.

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