Tuesday, March 30, 2010

@ the beach !

Over the weekends, on Sunday morning, we went to the beach @ ECP! Was a short and enjoyable one as we have not been to the beach for a long long time and it would be nice to allow Xav to get some morning sun since he is recovering from all his cough and cold !

Here I am happily snapping pictures of Xav

Here's the sunshine boy !

I wondered what's on his mind ...

Sand play ! I'm glad that Xav overcome the phobia of sand !Probably due to the rough texture, he did not really like it when we brought him here when he was younger.

Daddy joined in the sand play !

and it's time to go to the sea !

Xav was not even abit afraid of going into the water !

The little pair of feet !

and somehow I find serenity in this pic...

Probably we shall go again this coming weekend should time permits !

and what's coming up next ?! It's Princess Dana's birthday party ! Yooo Hoooo ! Looking forward to meet the todds again !

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