Thursday, March 11, 2010

Act 3 ~ Lesson 10

Missed out lesson 9 due to Xav's down with lung infection.

Was really late for the last lesson for the term. Waited for the rain to stop and we couldn't get a cab ! Managed to get one at 1020hrs !!

Took from the cab when Xav was looking out of the window.

Xav's hair has grown longer !

Arrived there at 1100 hrs and was surprised that the class has just started !

Did the usual songs and movement amd managed to get a short clip on Xav dancing to the song and the other dancing to Insy weensy Spider in a slow motion!

They had a short snack session at the end of the lesson for every last lesson of the term.

We were not aware to bring our own snacks as we were absent the last lesson.

And Xavier jumped the moment he saw Faith taking out the biscuits for everyone ! Thanks Faith for the biscuits !

After that, went to mum's place for his nap before I bring him to Dr Cheng for review in the evening.

The review was good. Dr Cheng said that Xav has improved and no need for neubaliser anymore. Just continue with flumicil, sedilix and klacid till this weekend.

Infact I asked him if there is a need for Xav to see a specialist for his wheezing attacks. Dr Cheng said no as his is only consider as mild asthma. His attacks are not monthly but about 3-4 months he will get once. He said that so long as if Xav gets any cough and cold and does not gets better after self medicate for 2 days, just get it treated intensively. He will be just fine.

As for flu jabs to prevent Xav from getting the frequent cold nd cough. Dr Cheng said unless he often gets high fever due to the flu, else it's not necessary. Just find that he is quite different from other PD. A patient, detailed and cautious doctor.

And Xav gave him a big time at the clinic when I did not bring any extra diapers nor wet wipe. End up, I took the chance, clean him up at the toilet and took the chance of not letting him wear any diapers on the way home.

Luckily, he did not wet himself but rather uneasy as he kept pulling up his shorts which is way too loose without the support of the diaper.

Glad that Xav is recovering well and we're looking forward to the parties lined up till April !

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