Monday, March 15, 2010

1,2 3 To the zoo - Lapbook

I have long wanted to do up a lapbook for Xavier. Finally, I got my hands at work !!

Chose this title among his collection of Eric Carle's title.

He can learn numbers, animals and matching from this lapbook. Of course not to omit the fact that he can colour the wheels of the train as well !!

To go into depth, I can even teach him on the facts of the individual animals or reptiles in it !

Pretty lots of work to be done. From research, editing, printing, cutting and pasting into the folder. It's more like a project based, making learning more interesting ! I'm almost near to the completion of the lapbook. Got a yellow folder to paste the pockets.

Now left with the laminating of the animals ! Probably I should just go and buy one laminating machine since I'm gonna use it so often.

If you are interested in this title but no time to do it, drop me an email for details.

A lapbook kit package is available. All you need to do is buy a folder and
paste the ready made pockets over and have fun learning with your child !

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