Tuesday, March 30, 2010

@ the beach !

Over the weekends, on Sunday morning, we went to the beach @ ECP! Was a short and enjoyable one as we have not been to the beach for a long long time and it would be nice to allow Xav to get some morning sun since he is recovering from all his cough and cold !

Here I am happily snapping pictures of Xav

Here's the sunshine boy !

I wondered what's on his mind ...

Sand play ! I'm glad that Xav overcome the phobia of sand !Probably due to the rough texture, he did not really like it when we brought him here when he was younger.

Daddy joined in the sand play !

and it's time to go to the sea !

Xav was not even abit afraid of going into the water !

The little pair of feet !

and somehow I find serenity in this pic...

Probably we shall go again this coming weekend should time permits !

and what's coming up next ?! It's Princess Dana's birthday party ! Yooo Hoooo ! Looking forward to meet the todds again !

The coming up lightings and tiles

Over the weekends, we had went to shop for all the lightings and finally it has been done! I would say not easy to find one for dear dear's taste and mine were the totally opposites ! But but but ... it's not impossible ! It's just not easy to find one lighting that we both can agree on ! And we found one !

These are the progress of the renovation when we went over during the weekends. The false ceiling, it's up already !

We have decided to use the same design for all PLC lightings but different sizes though. 4 big ones in the living room, using white lights, 3 small ones along the walk way, using warm lights, 4 medium ones, using white lights for the master bedrooms. Both master bedroom and the living room will also have cove lightings.

They have laid the tiles for all the rooms and living room.

This light will be for the service yard,

while we used the white one for both the bathrooms.

Kerb laid for the common bathroom. The area was so cramp that we asked the contractor to slightly widen the area to the max that they can do it.

This is for the master bedroom bathrom

This is the kitchen. Platforms for the cabinet, stove and sink area.

We chose this lighting for the kitchen.

and this little boy is so fascinated by the cement platform in the service yard

Gives us a funny face later when we called for him !

, one of his sunny bright smile at the door !

and recently likes to perform his backwards stunt !

Coming up next will be the scheduling for the delivery of the oven, kitchen sink, hob and hood and at the meantime has to draft up what we need for the wardrobe compartment.

Xavier's 2 ! Happy Birthday !

The next day after the bash, we had a mini private celebration for Xav @ mum's place !

Before that, we went to Marina Square for some window shopping and caught these mascots !

Jo made a Thomas cake for Xavier and she's smart enough to make it with sugar paste rather than cream, for you see, a train lover like Xavier, was playing the trains on the cake !!!

Xav: Thank you yiyi ! I love the train cake and your personalised storybook that I made mummy read to me at least twice a day and counted the number of hot-air balloons in the book!

And it was so fun to see Xav blowing out the candles! He actually put in the candles onto the cake by himself and he was so reluctant to blow off the flame from the candle ! Imagine, we sang the birthday song for him thrice

and he blew out the candles thrice !!

and they really spoilt the boy silly, knowing that Xav loves Thomas, Caca and Kelvin bought him a set of Thomas & Friends loader set !

Look @ all the kids at work ! Even lil' Edna joined in !

Spot the little Minnie !!

And here comes Mummy Minnie !

And Xav was sure fascinated with the train !

Silly boy trying to observe how the loader works.

And guessed what he played till he didn't want to go and sleep !

Monday, March 29, 2010

KKH midnight visit

That particular evening, Xav kept woking up. I suspected that his nose could be congested. He woke up thrice crying quite badly and keep telling me " ear itchy... Nose pain..." and it's so hard to pacify him. Usually he doesn't have this kind of "abnormal" waking and crying.

And the poor boy was also bitten by mozzies I guessed.

The bumps were patchy, red, swollen and warm when you touched the affected areas. It was so itchy that he couldn't sleep ! The whole night he has been telling me "leg itchy, scratch" poor us.. One itch and one gotta scratch till he really fell asleep

By the third time he woke crying, I couldn't stand it anymore. I asked him to drink some water and he doesn't even want a sip despite not having any drinks for a few hours right after he slept. I was afraid that he might have ulcers in his throat.

Hence, decided to bring him to KKH for a check to play safe that it's not another case of HFMD.

The doctor checked his ENT, there was no sign of any infection ! In another words, there is nothing wrong with him at all.

But he was given Kitotifen ( one of the lung tonic) which I was going to ask from Xav's PD as I feel that he might need this to strengthen up his lungs for he caught the cold and cough bug for the fifth time ever since CNY ! The rest of the medication are mainly cream for the bites, Sabutamol and Zyrtec for his runny nose.

But I was kinda shock to see the dosage prescribed to Xav! Its double the usual amount he used to take ! His normal dosage maximum is 2.5 ml. But the KKH doc gave him 5 ml!

I felt so umcomfortable that I held back his medication and called up Dr Cheng for advice.

I came to a conclusion after confirming with two PDs, KKH docs don't actually give the dosage by weight and height. They go by age I guessed as Xav was exactly 2 when he went to KKH that evening.

The poor boy lost quite a bit of weight due to his cough as he couldn't get good night sleep for these period. Hope there will be stop to all these viruses for once !

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Monday, March 22, 2010

2nd Birthday Bash for April 2008 Todds !

We had a simple but heartfelt celebration for the April 2008 Todds @ Kallang Stadium Macdonald !

Thank you Veron, Sharon and Yanti for all the coordination and David for his lovely pics ! Last but not least to all mummies, daddies and kiddos for the participation to make the party a successful one !

The kiddos were given a McCrown to wear it on their head ! So this is McPrince Xavier

and he likes to wear it upside down and gave me a few spins !

One with McPrince Julian

Look at them all !! Listening to the instructions of the game to warm themselves up !

Colour ball sorting is one of the games,

here's Xavier trying his hands in the sorting game !

Then, they had fun with the Hulas !

Beautiful cuppies !

After the games, it's meal time before the next segment of the party is up ! Every kids' favourite ! Golden Fries !

Xav had a cup of corn and his moo moo milk ! Enjoy !

A big "2" formation !

Everybody joined in the singing of the birthday song !

A family pic taken after that !

See how hard it is to have a decent pic taken with him when he is only eyeing for the cuppie !

Lucky dip time ! Who's gonna be the lucky fellow ??

and I managed to snap a pic of Xav, enjoying the Barney show ! I really wonder where did he picked up Barney from when I did not even introduce it to him !

Here's one with little Gracelyn !

and the kids went home with the goodie packs !

Thanks to Adel and Jasmine too for their thoughts !

After the party, we headed straight home so that he could rest early ! Whilst on the way home, we tried to teach him how to blow using the blow-out ! And sure he had fun !

Looking forward to more parties !! Whoooo hooo !!
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