Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rainbow 汤圆

My first attempt in making 汤圆 !

Normally, my mum will prepare the dough and we will help her make into balls.

This year, I got a little helper !! Let me introduce Chef Xavier ! Great chance to teach him colours and get him to feel the texture of the dough.

He flattened out my ready roll balls instead ! Here's Xavier Dino's palm !!

Mix with cold water and knead the flour until it does not stick onto your hand.

I add one drop of colouring to the divided portions.

And this is the outcome if Xavier's work. He pressd the balls of pink and blue together and end up I got purple balls as well !!! And it becomes like a mixture of everything... Looks inedible heh!!! Hahahah ......

So I salvaged the balls at night and it becomes ...... Nicer ??

I made some pink and green dough too.

I cooked the soup with ginger, pandan leaves and brown sugar.

Another bowl of boiling water, dip the balls in and cook for about 10 mins. My mum taught me that if the balls float up to the surface, means it is cooked.

Then, put into a bowl of cold water for 5 mins. Then, transfer them into the ginger soup and cook for another 5 mins.

Here's my bowl of rainbow ah-balling.

I didn't know where to buy the peanut or red bean filling or make it myself. Do let me know if you know where to get it !

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