Saturday, February 6, 2010

Letter A & phonics

To continue on with the Letter A activities I did with Xav and also to share when is the right age to start phonics. We can actually go into the introduction of phonics songs as early as 18 months old to 2 years old.

Till date, I have introduced the single letter sounds through songs and also providing Xavier with concrete materials beginning with letter sounds and a follow on craft project. For instance, I wrote on a piece of drawing paper "Asparagus", I will show him what asparagus looks like.

Then, I allow him to paint using the asparagus.

Indirectly, I introduced colours to him at the same time.

I showed him how two primary colours can be mixed to form a secondary colour.

Red + Yellow = Orange

Ultimately, he used his finger as he finds it more fun !

And soon it involves his fingers to his palm and eventually became a palm painting !

Trying to use the asparagus to paint his palm.

Making sure every corner is painted !!

Signs that Xavier told me that he is ready are mainly, he started to get songs stuck in his head and can sometimes sing to himself if I can "catch" him in the act and also he starts naming the objects he sees.

Flashcards is another way which I used to expose the words to him but bear in mind that it does not work for every kiddie. Work on what interests your child to escalate in his/ her learning.

To improve his motor skills, I have printed out an Alligator

an apple

as well as an Astronaut

to make into lacing cards for him to do lacing. Here's Xav trying his hands on the apple;

Each time he gets the string into the hole, he goes "wow" !!

The astronaut can be made into a photoframe too if you're creative enough... Heee

Just a bit off track, Xav discovered the magic of magnets !!! I thought why was he playing so quietly at my cupboard, and I saw this!

He was thrilled that the trains can hang from the door hinge !

More to come !! Getting higher as he goes !

This was his expression ! WOW !!!

Simple thrilled !!!

And he did something which I definately have to compliment him. I went over to him in the living room with the magic cleaner rod lying on the floor.

Guess what did he said to me ? Xav said "sorry" twice. I was wondering why does he has to say that ? And I saw the rod actually got dismentled into two parts and Xav was apologizing to me !! Doesn't he deserve a real good hug and kiss from me !!

From there, I know that my boy has grown and is starting to learn his little basic manners.....

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